Druids Heath Winter SeriesOur latest round of …

Druids Heath Winter Series

Our latest round of
summer/winter series took us to Druids Heath golf club in Walsall. This
was a course we were all looking forward to playing, so much so we took 5
teams! John Salt who is an ex-captain at Druids plays at CMGC a lot and
managed to get some other Druids members to join us so he had one
player in each team to show us around. The team captains were Dave,
Jack, Josh, Christian and Ash Cook.

If you have not played Druids it is really worth a visit…The course and hospitality are of the highest standard.

teams were very evenly matched and this was highlighted by the scoring
69, 70, 71, 71 and 72 were recorded Team Christian, Team Josh, Team
Dave, Team Jack (countback and the winners by a single point were Team
Ash! A huge thank you to everyone for playing and making it such a fun