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Course set-up this morning on Hole 12 The #agronomy team and the members (currently no guests are allowed on property) are all maintaining proper social distancing. My coronavirus precaution plan (can be found on my website/ blog – link is in my profile) has been updated several times and is being strictly enforced at #oldefloridagolfclub #golfcoursesuperintendent #swfl #golf #besafe (at Olde Florida Golf Club)

Global Golf Awards Poll ExtendedThe Global Golf Awards on-line…

Global Golf Awards Poll Extended

The Global Golf Awards on-line poll which is currently in progress will have a new closing date.  The change in plans has been necessitated by the spread of the Corona-virus which has resulted in many golf clubs being closed.

The original closing date for the on-line poll was May 31, 2020.

The extension will be for an additional two months and the revised closing date is set at July 31, 2020.

The current voting count stands at 19,223 as of March 30, 2020.

To participate, all that one needs to do is to click on the link http://globalgolfawards.asiapacificgolfgroup.com/ that will open the On-Line Poll.

Follow this with your selection of territory and the club that you want to vote for. That’s all!

The Global Golf Awards on-line poll will be “live” for until July 31, 2020.

The Global Golf Awards will be presented at the Gala Awards Banquet of the World Golf Expo at a date to be announced shortly.

ICON Irons by Ben HoganBy ED TRAVISOne Liner:ICON forged muscle…

ICON Irons by Ben Hogan


One Liner:

ICON forged muscle back blade-style irons for better players by Ben Hogan Golf have progressive weighting with a traditional look and solid feel.


If you are looking for classic looking irons with modern weighting the new Hogan ICON may be just the ones.

“Ben Hogan always had exceptionally high standards especially for his blade iron designs. We think the new ICON Irons would be something he would be proud of” said Scott White, CEO, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “In the hands of accomplished players, they will find the ICON Irons offer an unmatched combination of performance, feel and eye appeal as compared to any muscle back blade on the market. This was Mr. Hogan’s mission and we’ve continued that tradition.”

White added, “Offering a high-performance, forged muscle back set like the ICON Irons at a price point of $770 is unimaginable in today’s market, or in recent memory.  It’s thanks to our successful direct-to-consumer business model, which allows golfers to buy direct at BenHoganGolf.com, and avoid the exorbitant retail prices they would pay for clubs of this caliber.”

ICON’s have weaker lofts than many irons now available with gapping of four degrees that Hogan says eliminates the “lopsided distance gaps between irons” seen in competitive models.

Sold only through their website directly to consumers using the D2C business model the company promotes as the reason ICON’s price being $400 to $500 less than if retailed through golf shops or big box stores.

Key Features:

Progressive center of mass—higher for higher lofts & lower for lower lofts

Leading edge of V-Sole has additional bounce

Two finish options – nickel chrome & Diamond Black Metal

Pitching wedge 46° & 5-iron 26°

Preorder at BenHoganGolf.com

Also available custom fitters – Club Champion

Three graphite stock shafts and seven stock steel shafts

Stock and special order length, loft & lie

Set of seven irons 4-PW chrome $770 or $800 black