Original PenguinGlen Plaid Golf Pant:Impress with your swing and…

Original Penguin

Glen Plaid Golf Pant:

Impress with your swing and your awesome style out on the course with these Original Penguin men’s golf pants. Featuring a glen plaid print, these sleek flat front pants will definitely stand out on the green. Twill fabrication gives the material a lightweight and breathable feel perfect for staying cool and collected when the sun is beating down on the fairway. A good amount of stretch in the fabric and an active waistband lets you swing, bend and twist freely, so you can dominate each round in total comfort. The fabric is yarn dyed to help the men’s golf trousers hold onto their vibrant colors through wash after wash. $99 www.originalpenguin.com

Hiking Print Polo

Featuring a hiking-inspired print, this Original Penguin golf shirt is perfect for exploring the hills and valleys of the golf course. Light and breathable jersey fabric helps to keep you cool while a generous amount of stretch in the material provides the flexibility you need to play each round with your best form. The contrasting mixed media collar and tipped cuffs add bold accents to the look, for style that will stand out for all the right reasons. $89 www.originalpenguin.com

New Product – DoubleUp Rollerwww.doubleuproller.com…

New Product – DoubleUp Roller
www.doubleuproller.com @doubleuproller

DoubleUP Roller is a completely new type of muscle roller. It was designed from the beginning to be comfortable and convenient to use.

If you have ever experienced difficulty or frustration using traditional foam rollers or stick rollers, you’ll immediately appreciate that DoubleUP gives you the benefits of muscle rolling from a much more comfortable standing or sitting position. Use DoubleUP for warming up, improving flexibility, promoting blood flow, reducing pain, shortening recovery time, and staying active. Its innovative design eliminates the dreaded effort, inconvenience, and awkwardness of crawling around on the ground to foam roll.

One of DoubleUP’s key innovations is the lever-action frame design that provides a 3X force multiplier. This lets you easily control the pressure, from a light roll to a therapeutic deep tissue massage. It also allows you to pinpoint the placement of the rollers, so you can easily massage areas like the adductors, glutes, hamstrings, IT band, calves, feet, biceps, and triceps. The dual roller design lets you complete your treatment more effectively and in less than half the time.

The interchangeable roller system includes 5 different rollers that switch out with the press of a button. From firm and bumpy to soft and smooth, now you can quickly and easily treat sore, stiff muscles with a single device.

DoubleUP is recommended by coaches, trainers, and physical therapists and is used by pro athletes, Olympic champions, and many other active people of all ages. DoubleUP’s unique features have been engineered to benefit a wide range of users seeking pain relief, injury prevention, injury recovery, or performance improvement.

Cobra Has a New SpeedzoneBy ED TRAVISWhile a hot driver design…

Cobra Has a New Speedzone


While a hot driver design can’t guarantee the success of a club company it certainly can draw a lot of attention especially to a well-respected company such as Cobra Golf. For the 2019 season the KING F9 Speedback was the driver that accomplished all that and more so in 2020 they are resurrecting the Speedzone brand name for an entire new family from drivers through irons.

The announcement was built around a tie-in to racecars but as someone who found last year’s Speedback to produce the most for my swing that was totally unnecessary.

Tom Olsavsky, vice president of research and development did hit the nail on the head though, “Our new KING SPEEDZONE drivers emphatically answered the question we are always asked – can you really improve the driver any further and stay within the rules of golf? That answer is yes. By approaching design the same way you would if you were trying to create the world’s fastest cars, we left nothing on the table in terms of speed considerations. With our six zones of performance, SPEEDZONE is the fastest driver that we have ever produced.”

The KING Speedzone driver has several attributes that will make it a must-try for most every golfer starting with the what Cobra calls an “Infinity Face” of forged then CNC milled titanium. CNC milling produces very precise thicknesses across its entirety and the forging in fact wraps around the leading edge, the top edge, toe and even slightly up the hosel. Compared to the Speedback the milled area is 95% larger.

The crown design is also new with a T-Bar strap running from front to rear producing a very strong construction that focuses more impact energy on the face for more power to be transmitted to the ball. Plus, there was a weight savings they were able to reposition low in the head to improve ball launch. Over the T-Bar the crown is carbon fiber which in the SZ extends around to the sole where it takes over two large areas. Cobra tells me the SZ driver head is over 50% carbon fiber saving 25 grams.

This weight has been moved to the rear and low in the head so compared with the Speedback there are 69 versus 40 grams. The crown shape continues to be low aerodynamic drag and with the rear/low weighting means the ball comes off the face higher and with lower spin. Personal fitting can be dialed in with the two switchable sole weights (14g and 2g) to either improve forgiveness (14g in rear) or lower spin (14g in front).

WYNTK Speedzone Driver

-CNC milled wrap around face

-Titanium T-Bar

-360 Carbon fiber wrap crown

-Low drag crown & low CG

-Traditional profile SZ

-SZ Xtreme larger shape & 17g added in rear

-MyFly8 loft adjustment

-Women’s model

-Draw and straight clubheads

-Available Jan. 17, 2020 $449

Cobra’s Hollow T-RAILsBy ED TRAVISCobra Golf has introduced a…

Cobra’s Hollow T-RAILs


Cobra Golf has introduced a super game-improvement category iron called the T-RAIL that fulfills the needs of those wanting the accuracy of a typical iron along with the forgiveness of hybrids while making use of the classic Baffler Rail sole design.

T-RAIL stands for Transitional Rail and is the company’s first, all-hollow iron-hybrid set featuring a mating of a hollow, hybrid shape with an iron face and topline, for an iron-hybrid design. The hollow body with its lower and deeper center of gravity compared with traditional cavity-back irons helps to easily get the ball in the air and on the correct line. The design also features Baffler Rails on the sole, a real aid to smooth turf contact to give more distance out of every lie.  A high-strength, forged steel face designed with Cobra’s E9 Technology features a thin interior pocket from heel to toe to help preserve ball speed and distance on off-center hits.

“T-RAIL irons make it easy for beginners and golfers who have lost some distance and control to gain the confidence needed to play better and have more fun,” said Tom Olsavsky, VP of R&D, COBRA Golf.  “Players who need max forgiveness and are looking for more distance will be amazed at how far and straight they hit these, even being able to get them airborne from tough lies.”

T-RAILs are available in both men’s and women’s combo sets hollow, iron-hybrid 5-iron through pitching wedge plus and a 4-hybrid for a 7-piece set.


Men’s 7-piece Combo Set $899, black with blue colors, 4-hybrid and 5-PW

Right or left handed

COBRA ULTRALITE 50g graphite shafts

COBRA Lamkin REL midsize grips

5-and 6-hybrids available on custom order

Women’s Combo Set $899, black and lilac colors, 5-hybrid and 6-PW, SW

COBRA ULTRALITE 50g graphite shafts

COBRA Lamkin REL grips in midsize

Steel shafts available by custom option

T-RAIL sets in shops November 1, 2019